betahaus is the first coworking space in Bulgaria.

work is no longer a place

and everyone can work from a coworking space. If you need to switch from home or a traditional office for a while, or you just need a meeting space.

office sofia center coworking

locations in Sofia city center

with amazing views. you have access to both and can work whenever you want.

switch between the magnificent rooftop over Slaveykov Square or the historical building of Union of Bulgarian Artists, 6 Shipka Str.

Join Shipka 6 str. or Slaveykov Square.

rooftop coworking office

coworking memberships

офис в центъра софия

light |

30 visits in 3 months.

офис в коуъркинг софия

open space |

your dedicated desk in the shared space

офис в коуъркинг софия

private office |

your own private office with controlled access

our community

Betahaus is just the place our company needed. The feel of ‘going to work’ has changed with our coming here and I think my colleagues would say the same. For me, the power of betahaus is that it provides us with various options – there is something for everyone and it combines very well with the philosophy at Sofyma for flexibility in our daily work and the way we live and work in general.

Simeon Prokopov founder | Sofyma Web

We were looking for a space to work at and feel good about, and we found betahaus. From the moment we moved in, we felt that it is more than just an office, namely a place where we will both scale up our business and self improve. We chose a private office because of the long brainstorming sessions, video calls, and heated discussions we hold. The location is a huge plus, and the view from Slaveykov’s terrace definitely helps to win potential partners on our side. And also the beta team makes the place really special

Teodor Rachev founder, CEO | Hobo

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